In 2018, Turning Point Acupuncture celebrated 30 years in the same office suite. Dr. Naomi Rabinowitz opened the Turning Point practice at 1841 Broadway in 1988, with the intent of assisting urbanites in their individual journeys to good health. Turning Point has always been a leader in alternative medicine, from being one of the few practices to treat HIV patients in the late 80s to supporting individuals with complicated cases ranging from infertility to advanced illnesses. Our staff are highly skilled and trained in Eastern medical practices. Dr. E. Shane Hoffman, the current director, earned his doctorate at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, the first clinically approved doctoral program in Oriental medicine in the United States. His dual concentration of clinical specialties in gynecology and geriatrics make him uniquely skilled in helping alleviate the pains of a diverse patient population.


In 2016, Dr. Hoffman invested in a complete renovation and revitalization of the Turning Point treatment center at 1841 Broadway. In addition to acupuncture, we offer Reiki, Medical Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Essential Oil and Flower essence therapy, and are proud to welcome a diverse population of patients, including some that have been under our care for over 30 years. In recognition of the unique physical, mental, and emotional strain impacting financially challenged artists, Turning Point also maintains and self-funds pro-bono and reduced fee program in support of those who work in the visual, creative and expressive arts.


Turning Point Acupuncture is part of a dynamic community of health care professionals in the Columbus Circle neighborhood. We look forward to serving you in good health.